Interact: Contact Centre

Businesses spend millions on technology to provide inbound and out bound customer contact. Their current service often provides good voice and reporting capabilities however is lacking in areas that create the greatest value: Unified Services including Chat and Web, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Customer Profiling.

Contact Centres are transforming into Customer Experience Platforms to facilitate improved customer service.  Our business is no different in wanting to improve customer service and interaction.

A like-for-like comparison between your current services and new cloud-based services highlights savings of at least 25%.

Working with the business and key stakeholders we aim to transform to Chat and Web first contact whilst also ensuring voice is available where required.

The Challenge

Customer expectations for customer service now demands:

  • Simple self service via Web and Chat
  • If this fails they want to Chat and speak with a human as quickly as possible
  • They don’t want to constantly repeat themselves

To be able to meet these requirements Contact Centres need to change:

  • Voice is no longer the primary communication
  • All communication channels must work together and not be separate services
  • CRM and Contact Centre need to merge into a seamless service
  • Cloud computing is required to provide Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Business Case

A like-for-like comparison between existing services and new cloud-based services highlights savings between 25% and 50%

The Value We Bring

Business Case – We understand the business case behind the transformation from Contact Centre to Customer Experience

How to Deploy – Once past the business case we understand how to establish the transformation project for success

Technical Skills – We have the required technical skills and experience to deliver a successful contact centre transformation

In Service – We know how to reform the service team to support the new cloud capabilities

Vendors– We will guide you on the vendor(s) to choose

Further Details