Antifragile IT Newsletter 2

Antifragile IT Newsletter 2

A weekly newsletter from Simon Leyland convering; Skype, Video Conferencing, Teams, Mixed Reality, Autonomous Vehicles and Sport Technology.

Microsoft crush their Q3 with Office 365, Big Tech continues to invest in 360 Cameras, Large Organisations can save hundreds of millions with Video Conferencing

360 Cameras continue to rise

360 video content is going to be a mass market phenomenon in the coming years.  It will certainly impact consumer markets but it will also push the boundaries on business communication.  Don’t think that employees and managers will accept standard Video conferencing end points when they become regular creators and consumers of 360 content

And this is Google’s response

Saving hundreds of millions with Video Conferencing

The CIO Awards in the UK were announced this week.  The AstraZeneca entry described how they have saved $130million directly associated with the implementation of a global videoconferencing service.  The payback on the invest must be close to 1000%

‘Our collaboration strategy has revolutionised the way AZ employees work, with an explosion of use of our new VC capability. Virtual meeting use has increased by 500% since 2014, and with more than 270 virtual meetings held globally this year, connecting senior leaders with global teams, it has directly contributed to an overall $130m T&E cost saving. Last year saw our first-ever senior leaders meeting held virtually, which allowed 1,700 senior colleagues to connect from over 60 sites, saving not only dollars but over 2,700 tonnes of CO2 in the process!’

Office 365 Story of the Week

Microsoft reported Q3 earnings of $22 billion with Office 365 reaching record consumer and business subscriptions generating an increase of 22% revenue for the service.  In total there are now over 100million users on the Office 365 service.

Automated Vehicle Trials in the UK

Autonomous vehicles in business parks and controlled environments seem like a logical first step before they are unleashed onto public roads. Details of pilot programme in the UK below.

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Quick Take

Don’t outsource your buildings.  Getting the right working environment is a crucial part of your company life blood.  Modern working environments are not easy to get right, there will be plenty of trial and error but you will find your workforce will start to embrace the new environment and will be more productive.  Outsourcing may reduce initial costs and make you feel that you’ve removed risk but really all you have done is lock your employees into somebody else’s vision of a working environment.  Your employees spend most of their active life within that environment it’s crucial that the organisation has its own vision and plan for their working environment.

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Office 365 News

April Update for Mac

  • The video preview and button for answering the call now available on the notification.
  • User who receives call from Delegate on behalf of Delegator will now see the call is made on behalf of Delegator.
  • Ring device settings are saved after application restarts.
  • Names in contact list are sorted alphabetically.
  • Users are properly informed their meeting join request has been denied when trying to join multiple times.
  • Fixed additional Exchange connection issues.

PowerBI – Hidden Gem in Office 365

Edit Post in Yammer

Standalone Office will be blocked in 2020

LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 to be integrated this summer

Teams and Trello hook up

Mixed Reality News
Sport Technology