Magic Leap – Enterprise Communication

A few questions spring out of the latest video from Magic Leap Fortune’s Brainstorm:

They made it clear in the video that they will target consumer applications first but they will also focus on communication and productivity within the Enterprise and they say they are starting to engage with partners in that space. I wonder who they are engaging with?

I would imagine Cisco and Microsoft would be very interested in seeing the impact on their current Collaboration portfolio. Given that Microsoft have a potential competitor in Hololens I’m guessing there probably isn’t too much interaction between the companies. Cisco could be an interesting partner, Rowan Trollope certainly has the vision and Cisco don’t have a direct compete in their portfolio and if Magic Leap needed any advise on supply chain I’m sure Cisco would have plenty to give.

Could mixed reality replace or augment video and audio conferencing? The way the guys on the video explain the experience it seems clear that at a minimum it could augment existing communication technology, there is a chance it could also be a generational leap.

Until we see the technology applied to real world examples all the above is speculation but I agree with Brian Wallace in the video, technology adoption can be rapid and this technology could well be coming to an office near you sooner than you think. If by the early 2020s 70% of people are wearing a device like Magic Leap the impact of office communication will be profound.

One final question – Rony Abovitz mentioned Magic Leap is a computer. I wonder what operating system they are planning to run on the device? Android, Windows or something completely new or will Magic Leap act as a device which can be OS agnostic. I suspect the device will have multiple OS support and not run its own but you never know.

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