Lessons from GE CEO

I’d highly recommend watching the 9 minute interview with Jeff Immlet. For 9 minutes you are getting many great lessons on how to run a company. Key points raised in the interview:

  • You can no longer be a centralised company – you have to decentralise and use IT to maintain effective decision making
  • Your major locations should no longer be isolated – they should be in hubs such as Boston, use technology to join these hubs together

If your think your company doesn’t require IT skills at its very core think again;

  • The CIO is integral to company strategy
  • You can no longer just bend metal and allow an IT company to run the analytics assocatied with the metal, you lose control of your business
  • You need IT skills across the entire organsition and everyone entering the organisation requires knowledge of IT – such as basic coding skills
  • IT is the key driver for productivity and margin – outsourcing IT does not help this

Internal feedback mechanisms need to be less structured and hierarchical – use technology for immediate feedback



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