Cisco and Skype Technology Working Together

I can’t share the whole screen but yesterday we supported a town hall style call with a combination of Cisco TelePresence and Skype for Business. It was very well received and there are many more planned. The Cisco Telepresence end points combined with Skype for Business (with Acano in the middle) prove a good combination. Not only is it a high quality experience it is also very cost effective – no per minute charges.

A few quick points:

  • Great quality VC unit with an ideal speaking/presenting position
  • Skype for Business (S4B) provided the access for participants to listen in
  • S4B also provided excellent meeting controls, especially the ability to mute all, without mute all these meetings can be very difficult to manage
  • S4B also provides the ability for the participants to ask questions via the IM
  • Share desktop or programs is the only supported way to share content. Uploading slides, whiteboarding and polls are not supported
  • If you were concerned that your S4B infrasturcure isn’t scaled to meet the demand or the town hall had over 250 people this same format works in Skype Broadcast
  • Be careful on Acano 1.8 there is a bug that if you mute the VC room it will drop out of the call – this has been fixed in 1.9

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